Abortion is Eugenics 

The LA Times recently put out an article complaining and demanding that opponents of abortion stop using eugenics in their criticism. This is insane. Eugenics and abortion are inextricably linked from its foundation.   Margaret Sanger was eugenicist. She wanted to rid the world of racial minorities whom she called human weeds. That's how it started... Continue Reading →

Ploductivity by Douglas Wilson

The book is Ploductivity by Douglas Wilson. It was first published in 2020 by Canon Press. I read the 2020 paperback edition. I read it in June of 2022.  I read this because I am currently looking for a change in my job. I’m working as a contractor for USAA and I’ve been trying to... Continue Reading →

Darwin’s Doubt by Stephen C. Meyer

The book is Darwin’s Doubt by Stephen C. Meyer. First published in 2013 by Harper Collins. I read the 2014 paperback edition. I read it in May of 2022. This is the second book I’ve read by Dr. Meyer. He’s a super down-to-Earth Christian scientist. I read this book because I recently read On the... Continue Reading →

How To Be Free by Epictetus

The book is How To Be Free by Epictetus. I read the 2018 hardcover edition by Princeton University Press. This is from the Ancient Wisdom For Modern Readers series of books. This book is a reprinting of selections from Epictetus’ Discourses and The Encheiridion. I read this book in May of 2022.  I read this... Continue Reading →

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