12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson

  The first time I saw Jordan Peterson on the internet was his interview with Cathy Newman where he effectively demonstrates that in order to think we have to risk being offensive and offended. It was an extremely compelling critique on how our culture and society is taking off our thinking caps to don “don’t... Continue Reading →

The Reason for God by Timothy Keller

  The title of Keller’s book The Reason of God is misleading. Two views Christian apologetics are Evidential and Presuppositional. The Evidential apologetic says “let’s look at the natural world around us and humanity and through these proofs let’s reason our way up to God.” It posits that it’s reasonable to believe in God. The... Continue Reading →

Am I Called? by Dave Harvey

People have always asked me if I’ve ever felt called to be a Preacher. Somewhere around high school I came up with my answer. I said, I feel called to preach but I don’t feel called to be a Preacher. All the Preachers I’d known in my life, until recently, seemed like they carried a... Continue Reading →

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