God Is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens

The book is God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything by Christopher Hitchens. It was originally published in 2007 by Twelve, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing. I read the 2009 paperback edition.  I read this book because I want to better understand the perspective of atheists. It’s important that Christians read material of... Continue Reading →

Covenantal Apologetics by K. Scott Oliphint

The book is Covenantal Apologetics by K. Scott Oliphint. I read the 2013 Crossway paperback edition. I read it in the summer of 2020.  I read this because I want to learn more about presuppositional apologetics. But as Oliphint says, we should call it covenantal apologetics. I first learned about this form of Christian apologetics... Continue Reading →

Augustus by Anthony Everitt

The book is Augustus by Anthony Everitt. I read the 2007 Random House trade paperback edition.  I read it because Augustus was the Emperor of Rome when Christ was born, and I’m fascinated by the origins of things. We have a tendency to displace the Bible from history. There was a whole world going on... Continue Reading →

Martin Luther by Eric Metaxas

The book is Martin Luther by Eric Metaxas. Originally published in 2017. I read the 2018 paperback edition.  I read this book because I want to learn more about Christian Church history and Luther’s big double-chinned face kept staring at me from the cover every time I walked past it at Barnes & Noble. I’m... Continue Reading →

Dune by Frank Herbert

Dune was first published in two parts in a science fiction magazine called Analog in 1965. I read the ACE 2005 trade paperback edition (ACE is an imprint of Penguin Random House).  I read Dune because the movie is coming out this year (2020). The trailer looked cool and I wanted to check the book... Continue Reading →

What is Reformed Theology? by R.C. Sproul

The book is What is Reformed Theology by R.C. Sproul. It was originally published in 1997 and I read the 2016 paperback edition from Baker Books publishing.  R.C. Sproul was a seminary professor, pastor, and author of over ninety books. He was the founder of Ligonier Ministries and Tabletalk magazine. Sadly Sproul died in 2017. ... Continue Reading →

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