Ploductivity by Douglas Wilson

The book is Ploductivity by Douglas Wilson. It was first published in 2020 by Canon Press. I read the 2020 paperback edition. I read it in June of 2022.  I read this because I am currently looking for a change in my job. I’m working as a contractor for USAA and I’ve been trying to... Continue Reading →

Darwin’s Doubt by Stephen C. Meyer

The book is Darwin’s Doubt by Stephen C. Meyer. First published in 2013 by Harper Collins. I read the 2014 paperback edition. I read it in May of 2022. This is the second book I’ve read by Dr. Meyer. He’s a super down-to-Earth Christian scientist. I read this book because I recently read On the... Continue Reading →

How To Be Free by Epictetus

The book is How To Be Free by Epictetus. I read the 2018 hardcover edition by Princeton University Press. This is from the Ancient Wisdom For Modern Readers series of books. This book is a reprinting of selections from Epictetus’ Discourses and The Encheiridion. I read this book in May of 2022.  I read this... Continue Reading →

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