Darwin’s Doubt by Stephen C. Meyer

The book is Darwin’s Doubt by Stephen C. Meyer. First published in 2013 by Harper Collins. I read the 2014 paperback edition. I read it in May of 2022.

This is the second book I’ve read by Dr. Meyer. He’s a super down-to-Earth Christian scientist. I read this book because I recently read On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin, and I want to learn more about the whole evolution debate. 

Dr. Meyer is a proponent of Intelligent Design, the idea that everything in the universe, especially organic life, exhibits the trademarks of design and as such, all evidence points to there actually being a designer. This is generally where the theory ends. Dr. Meyer is a Christian so he does hold to a theistic answer as to who that designer of the world and life would be. But Intelligent Design isn’t necessarily a religious or theistic worldview. That’s mostly why I don’t subscribe to it. It’s not Christian enough. But Intelligent Design people are inadvertently doing the Lord’s work nevertheless. 

Dr. Meyer highlights the disparity between how popular media like National Geographic or the Discovery channel will talk about evolution as undisputed scientific fact, and how the actual evolutionary biologists and scientists in the field talk about it. There seems to be more honesty from the professionals about all the gaps and unanswered questions of evolution. 

The most shocking part was how much of Darwinist evolution is really, truly, a presupposition. When any concept of God or the supernatural are ruled out from the beginning, these are the results one could come to. But it’s an arbitrary, conscious effort to rule out supernatural explanations. And this position is admittedly not surmised by the evidence. It’s a choice to believe that there are only materialistic answers. It’s called “methodological naturalism” or “methodological materialism.” These are the bumpers set in place by a godless worldview from the outset.  

I’m not going to lie and say that I totally understood all the ins and outs of the science. There was plenty that went over my head. But Dr. Meyer is a great writer in the way he breaks it down for the average reader. I wouldn’t say it’s an easy read. But if you’re paying attention, you can definitely get it. I’m just saying Dr. Meyer got his Ph.D from the University of Cambridge and it shows. He’s an incredibly smart guy. But he can explain highly complex science and remain accessible. It’s a smart read, but it’s not filled with academic gobbledygook. It’s clear if you’re paying attention, but you do have to pay attention. 

I’d recommend this to serious Christian readers who wanting to learn more about the evolution debate. Dr. Meyer is a great resource for any Christian wanting to learn more about how to contend with irrational, pagan science. 

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