The Gospel According to Satan by Jared C. Wilson

The book is The Gospel According to Satan: Eight Lies That Sound Like the Truth by Jared C. Wilson. It was published in 2020 by Thomas Nelson. I read the 2020 paperback edition. I read this in March of 2022. 

I first heard about this book on the White Horse Inn podcast. Jared Wilson was a guest and he was talking about the book. It sounded like a super important book to read especially in today’s culture. 

The eight lies that sound like the truth are;

  1. God just wants you to be happy
  2. You only live once
  3. You need to live your truth
  4. Your feelings are reality
  5. Your life is what you make it
  6. You need to let go and let God
  7. The cross is not about wrath
  8. God helps those who help themselves

This is a great book. It’s extremely relevant to today’s culture of human autonomy where the ultimate goal is for people to express themselves in their fullest authenticity or whatever. We are living in a time where people are spiritually wandering. People are aimless but constantly searching for answers. But they’re searching within. This book addresses that problem. Satan comes as an angel of light. These cliches sound good and true. “Let go and let God.” That sounds like good humble advice. But Wilson shows how that phrase is connected to a quasi-charismatic, unfaithful movement called Keswick theology where people partake in a sort of formula towards higher spiritual mindedness by “letting go.” 

Wilson speaks scripture to all of these lies that the devil is so cunningly working through the world today. He talks about how your lived experience doesn’t dictate reality. This is one of the key elements of the current woke revolution where the delusion or mental illness of a few are changing vast realms of institutional policy for everyone. This is the biggest threat to truth today and I don’t see a lot of biblically minded christians talking about it. Instead, pagans like Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson are taking up the task. They do a good job by the world’s standards but that’s not the standard Christians should be striving for. Even those worldley wise men know that there are two genders but they cannot prove it from their pagan worldview. This is where Wilson comes in to shed rational light on these matters. 

There’s not anything I didn’t like about this book. He hits the worldview nail on the head. It’s an incredibly important book and an easy accessible read. Clocking in at 186 pages Wilson gets straight to the point and explains his thesis well. 

I’d recommend this to all Christians as a handbook for navigating through the tumultuous cultural waters we find ourselves in today. More books like this need to be written. Wilson takes a faithful, Biblical look at the popular spiritualizing that’s going on today and he blows it out of the water.  Great, important book.

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